The Trough for Wednesday 15th February

Welcome to The Trough for Wednesday the 15th of February. Today, the government opens the door for tax rises if the Senate rejects its budget savings, political parties briefed on the risk of hackers, and feeling the love on the #auspol hashtag.


Also, say hello to my new logo


It’s bright. It has a pun. It’s excellent.

(Apologies to those who thought the blue version was better – as Greg Jericho points out, it did look a bit like the Channel 9 logo)


Studio set-up (This podcast brought to you by Lego and towels)

A quick look at the studio set-up I have in the spare room  –

IMG_7058.JPGYes, that’s a Lego man lantern holding up part of the structure.

I’m using a Rode M3 microphone (a good all-rounder, but will upgrade if this podcast takes off), a Zoom H5 recorder which is then connected by USB to the laptop. I’m using Audacity (which is free and excellent to use) to edit the software and Audio Technica ATH-M50’s to listen to everything.

The key to this is the towel.

On the road in the 2013 election, I discovered many of the ABC journalists were recording voicers with their jackets or coats over their heads. This allowed them to partially dampen the sound of buses, planes or rowdy camera crews. At home, a towel is the next best thing. As the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy states, a towel “is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have”.


The Trough for February 14, 2017

Good morning and welcome to The Trough for Tuesday the 14th of February – a daily bite-sized wrap of all the political stories you need to know this morning.

Today – a bid to link welfare savings to the NDIS backfires for the Federal Government, and  One Nation Preferences causing division within the Coalition.

The 9th  Closing The Gap report will also be handed down in Parliament later today, showing while some limited improvements have been made, much more work is still needed.


Quick update + RSS details

Am slowly learning the dark arts of distributing podcasts – At the moment, it seems to be working in Downcast, Overcast and Pocket Casts, as well as SoundCloud.

Failing that, here’s the RSS feed:

Still waiting on getting the podcast picked up by iTunes but have been worked it could take two weeks.

Let me know what other changes are needed.

See you tomorrow!




The Trough – 13th February 2017

My first episode of The Trough – your daily bite-sized wrap of all the political news you need to know to get your day started.

The temperature rises on the energy security debate, as heatwaves push through Queensland and New South Wales, sending power consumption soaring.

Also today – the “sophisticated” One Nation party secures a preference deal with the WA Liberals, political donations back in the spotlight, and politicians and journalists take to the field in the Parliament House Olympics